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– If you missed it, on Sunday, Chad Ochocinco’s new reality show aired on VH1. It was very…………amusing. It was exactly what I expected it to be, very stupid but entertaining. I expected Chad to bring in much better looking women. Only a few of them were actually good looking. And of course the girl from Cincinnati had to be the moron.

-The ESPY’s was last night on ESPN. It was hosted by Seth Myers from Saturday Night Live and he did an AWFUL job. They should have had Jamie Foxx or Justin Timberlake host it again because they are actually funny and relevant. I enjoy watching the ESPY’s but I still think the whole idea of it is a joke. How can you compare different sports for the same award? Drew Brees was the man of the night taking home 4 ESPY’s.

– It’s starting to seem like Brett Favre is going to come back. We go through the same thing every off season. Favre says he doesn’t know if he’s coming back, doesn’t go to training camp, gets surgery, throws football with high school kids in Mississippi, and then decides to come back. He should come back though, because the Vikings are stacked and could easily win the Super Bowl. (I still think the Vikings were the best team in the league last year)

– Here’s a link to a review I did for my class. My first review video


MLB All Star Game

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After 13 years the National League has finally beaten the American League in the MLB All Star Game. Thanks to the National Leagues young pitchers and a 3 run double by Brian McCann, they were able to beat the American League 3-1. Thirteen years ago was the last time the National League was able to beat them. Now they’ll finally have home field advantage for the World Series (Hopefully the Reds). Due to his 3 run double, catcher Brian McCann took home the MVP award. Throughout the entire game, Charlie Manuel seemed much more serious and into the game than Joe Girardi. I guess he was just sick and tired of seeing the National League lose every year. This could be the start of a National League winning streak, which would be fine by me.


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It’s finally over…Spain has won The World Cup in soccer. They beat the Netherlands yesterday 1-0. It’s Spain’s first ever World Cup and the fan’s in Spain were going crazy. All I can say is I’m glad it’s over. Now we don’t have to put up with those stupid horns and soccer for another four years.

p.s. – Soccer will NEVER be popular in the United States.


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Lebron James made his decision last night on an hour long special on ESPN. He decided to leave his hometown team Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. He just couldn’t pass up the chance to play alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Many people and sportswriters are tearing Lebron and his decision apart. I for one think Lebron made the right decision. Sure Cleveland is his hometown, but everyone knows he wasn’t going to win a title there. Cleveland had 7 years to put a superstar along side him and couldn’t get it done. He now has an opportunity to win several titles. Nba is a business and he made the decision that will make him happy. Good for him.

LBJ decision

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Lebron James decides what team he’ll be playing for next year tonight at 9 on ESPN. Rumors are going around today that he’ll be joining the Miami Heat with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Yesterday’s ┬árumors said he was joining the New York Knicks. Wherever he decides to play, he’s going to be a very rich man.