Brett Favre


– Two days ago reports surfaced that Brett Favre was going to retire. A few of the players said that Favre texted them and said his ankle couldn’t hold up. Brad Childress, the head coach, said Favre hadn’t told him about his intentions and that he wouldn’t believe it until he “Heard it from the horses mouth”. Of course everyone started to automatically believe it even though Favre never said it to the public or the head coach. They started to play highlights and talk bad about him once again. Then Favre came out and said that he hasn’t decided yet and that he’ll play if his ankle can become healthy. Once again everyone freaked out and started dogging on him for no reason. He probably did text his team mates so the Vikings would freak out and throw more money at him, which is exactly what they’re doing. They just upped his contract a few more million in order to get him back. Brett Favre is a GENIUS. I fully expect him to be in purple and shredding secondaries for his twentieth season.


Fantasy Football Rankings TE

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1. Dallas Clark – Clark absolutely blew up last year. He had over 1100 yards and ten touchdowns. For a tight end that is amazing. Having Peyton Manning of course helps, but the loss of Marvin Harrison also opened up more looks for Clark. Linebackers through the league have such a hard time keeping up with him and he’s got great hands. I fully expect Clark to have another 1000 yard season and be the number one tight end in the league.

2. Antonio Gates – Has there been a more dominant tight end year in and year out? I don’t think so. Gates is an absolute monster and is almost impossible to stop. With a new contract and Vincent Jackson suspended the first 3 games, expect another huge year out of Gates. Don’t be surprised if he scores more fantasy points than Dallas Clark.

3. Vernon Davis – Davis was on the verge of being another first round bust. Then, out of nowhere, he dominated last year. I think it helped that Alex Smith finally started to play up to his potential. Davis scored double digit touchdowns last year and was a force. I don’t see any reason why Davis can’t repeat those numbers.

4. Brent Celek – Celek is another player that blew up and came out of nowhere. Once a star at UC, Celek came very close to a 1000 yard season. The two games that Kolb started, Celek racke up huge numbers. Now Kolb is his full time starter, so I am expecting an even bigger year out of Celek.

5. Jason Witten – One of the best all around tight ends in the league. He can block, catch, and has speed. He had a down year last year by only scoring two touchdowns. Now that the Cowboys drafted Dez Bryant in the first round, he could have a similar season, but he has always been a favorite target of Tony Romo.

Sleeper – Jermaine Gresham – This pick might be a bit biased since I’m a big Bengals fan and think he’s going to be a stud. Rookie tight ends usually don’t have big years, but Gresham is a monster with speed and the hands. Carson Palmer has never had a good tight end, so hopefully Palmer will have trust in Gresham and looks his way. Bringing in TO and Antonio Bryant will definitely take catches away from him, but you’ll be able to draft Gresham very late in your draft.

Terrell Owens Is A Bengal

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– The Cincinnati Bengals have signed Terrell Owens to a one year contract on Tuesday. The contract has 2 million guaranteed and 2 million in incentives. The deal was done just in time for the start of the Cincinnati Bengals training camp. A lot of people are saying how dumb of a move this is and we have too many head cases on our team now. I for one completely disagree. TO will only help the Bengals offense, and having him and Ochocinco on the opposite sides of each other will make it harder on defenses and easier on Carson Palmer. Welcome to Cincinnati TO

Fantasy Football Rankings WR

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1. Andre Johnson – He is the best WR in the league and best fantasy wide receiver. He’s the only WR to have back to back 1500 yard seasons and he really doesn’t have that much help. He didn’t have double digit touchdowns last year but I fully expect him to achieve that this year. He should definitely be the first WR taken in the draft.

2. Randy Moss – Many people believe Randy Moss quit on his team last year. I personally don’t believe this and think it just had to do with the Patriots having a down year. Tom Brady won’t be coming of a serious knee injury and will be back to normal, so expect Moss to have double digit touchdowns and around 1300 yards.

3. Calvin Johnson – Johnson has had some pretty bad injury problems in his few years in the league, but they’re is no denying his ability. With Stafford having another year under his belt to improve I could see Johnson having a HUGE year. His health will be the key.

4. Reggie Wayne – Wayne had a huge year last year without Marvin Harrison being on his team. The colts have so many weapons that it’s very hard to double team Wayne. He died off a little the second half of the season, but I expect him to have another huge year.

5. Miles Austin – Austin  blew up last year out of nowhere. He instantly became one of the best WR’s in the league. The Cowboys drafted Dez Bryant in the first round, but I don’t think that will affect Austin, just Roy Williams. The Cowboys are going to be a great team this year and one of the main reasons will be Austin.

Sleeper – Hakeem Nicks & Steve Smith- Nicks had a great season as a rookie and Steve Smith finally blew up to his potential. Smith might not be a sleeper since he made the pro bowl, but he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Out of nowhere the New York Giants became a passing team and Eli Manning threw for over 4000 yards. Nicks and Smith will be splitting balls with Mario Manningham and Kevin Boss, but I truly believe that Nicks and Smith are on their way to being rising stars.

Fantasy Football Rankings RB

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1. Chris Johnson – This is a no brainer. Best fantasy player in the league. Johnson had over 2500 yards from scrimmage last year. I don’t expect him to duplicate last years numbers by any means, but I do expect him to be the best RB again. Plus, he ended his holdout.

2. Adrian Peterson – A very close second. Peterson is a beast that has strength, size, and vision. He had 18 rushing touchdowns last year, but led the league in fumbles. With Chester Taylor gone, expect Peterson to get more catches now. If he can fix his fumbling problems he could end up being the best player in fantasy.

3. Maurice Jones-Drew – He is small and plays on a poor team, but he is a stud. Last season was the first time Jones-Drew didn’t have to split carries and he was able to go over 1000 rushing yards while scoring 16 total touchdowns. Did I mention he is almost unstoppable in the red zone? If Johnson and Peterson are off the board you have to take Jones-Drew.

4. Ray Rice – After a disappointing rookie year Rice blew up this past season. He averaged over 5 yards a carry and was the leading RB receiver in the league. He finished with over 2000 total yards and 8 touchdowns. The only problem is Willis Mcgahee takes away some of his goal line carries, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking him fourth overall.

5. Frank Gore – Frank Gore had a pretty good year this past season, but as usual he missed  some time with an injury. The 49ers passing game is finally starting to come around and they improved their O line big time in the the draft. If Gore can stay healthy I think he could have a huge year.

Sleeper – Ben Tate- He was drafted in the second round by the Houston Texans. When I say sleeper I mean he’s a big time sleeper. Most people don’t even know who Tate is. The Texans have 3 running backs on their roster but Tate will be the leading rusher, especially since Slaton has had mad major neck problems. He’s a big back that has some good speed out of the SEC conference. With the Texans having such a great passing game I expect Tate to put up some decent numbers for a really late draft pick.

Fantasy Football Rankings QB

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– NFL season is almost here and that can only mean one thing, Fantasy Football. Fantasy football is more popular than ever and everyone has their own opinions on draft strategies and player rankings. I’ll give you my top five for the main positions and a sleeper for each.


1. Drew Brees- Former Super Bowl MVP and has an unlimited supply of offensive playmakers around him. Expect another huge year from Drew Brees.

2. Aaron Rodgers- Put up HUGE numbers last year without an offensive line. Has great wide receivers and tight ends around him and is capable of tucking the ball away and running for a score. With an improved O line expect a similar year from Aaron Rodgers.

3. Peyton Manning- It’s Peyton Manning……Every year is 4000 yards and 30 touchdown passes, enough said.

4. Tom Brady – Similar to Peyton Manning. You know what to expect from Brady, a big year in numbers. I think Brady and Moss will be connecting for a lot of touchdowns once again.

5. Matt Schaub – Schaub ended up being one of the best quarter backs in the league last year. He finally finished a season without missing a few games. Plus, he’s throwing to the best WR in the league (Andre Johnson). There’s always a chance of injury with Schaub, but if not, expect a lot of TD passes.

Sleeper – Kevin Kolb, Suprised many people last year when he started two games. He put up gigantic numbers in his first two career starts. Andy Reid’s offense always likes to throw the ball, so expect Kolb to put up big numbers. The best part is you’ll be able to wait to draft Kolb.

Today’s Sports Views

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– If you missed it, on Sunday, Chad Ochocinco’s new reality show aired on VH1. It was very…………amusing. It was exactly what I expected it to be, very stupid but entertaining. I expected Chad to bring in much better looking women. Only a few of them were actually good looking. And of course the girl from Cincinnati had to be the moron.

-The ESPY’s was last night on ESPN. It was hosted by Seth Myers from Saturday Night Live and he did an AWFUL job. They should have had Jamie Foxx or Justin Timberlake host it again because they are actually funny and relevant. I enjoy watching the ESPY’s but I still think the whole idea of it is a joke. How can you compare different sports for the same award? Drew Brees was the man of the night taking home 4 ESPY’s.

– It’s starting to seem like Brett Favre is going to come back. We go through the same thing every off season. Favre says he doesn’t know if he’s coming back, doesn’t go to training camp, gets surgery, throws football with high school kids in Mississippi, and then decides to come back. He should come back though, because the Vikings are stacked and could easily win the Super Bowl. (I still think the Vikings were the best team in the league last year)

– Here’s a link to a review I did for my class. My first review video