Big Bad Cousins

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Demarcus Cousins was named the T-Mobile NBA Rookie of the Month because of his first few games in the summer league. However, shortly after he fell apart. His last two games he has shot a total of 4 for 27, which is AWFUL. In his game against the Bulls he was embarrassed by Samardo Samuels. One of his games he had TEN fouls. If you ask me that award should be stripped for such bad play, and for always being a punk on and off the court.



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Lebron James made his decision last night on an hour long special on ESPN. He decided to leave his hometown team Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. He just couldn’t pass up the chance to play alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Many people and sportswriters are tearing Lebron and his decision apart. I for one think Lebron made the right decision. Sure Cleveland is his hometown, but everyone knows he wasn’t going to win a title there. Cleveland had 7 years to put a superstar along side him and couldn’t get it done. He now has an opportunity to win several titles. Nba is a business and he made the decision that will make him happy. Good for him.

LBJ decision

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Lebron James decides what team he’ll be playing for next year tonight at 9 on ESPN. Rumors are going around today that he’ll be joining the Miami Heat with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Yesterday’s ┬árumors said he was joining the New York Knicks. Wherever he decides to play, he’s going to be a very rich man.