Reds 2nd Place

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– After holding down first place in the National League Central for a long time, the Cincinnati Reds have finally fell out of first place. The St. Louis Cardinals have now taken that spot from them and are leading by half a game. This came about after the Reds lost to the Rockies 1-0 and the Cardinals beat the Dodgers 5-4. If history repeats itself then the Reds will fall apart from here on out. Lets hope the Reds can take back first place and make it into the playoffs, because lets be honest, it’s been way too long since we’ve been there.


MLB All Star Game

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After 13 years the National League has finally beaten the American League in the MLB All Star Game. Thanks to the National Leagues young pitchers and a 3 run double by Brian McCann, they were able to beat the American League 3-1. Thirteen years ago was the last time the National League was able to beat them. Now they’ll finally have home field advantage for the World Series (Hopefully the Reds). Due to his 3 run double, catcher Brian McCann took home the MVP award. Throughout the entire game, Charlie Manuel seemed much more serious and into the game than Joe Girardi. I guess he was just sick and tired of seeing the National League lose every year. This could be the start of a National League winning streak, which would be fine by me.