– Two days ago reports surfaced that Brett Favre was going to retire. A few of the players said that Favre texted them and said his ankle couldn’t hold up. Brad Childress, the head coach, said Favre hadn’t told him about his intentions and that he wouldn’t believe it until he “Heard it from the horses mouth”. Of course everyone started to automatically believe it even though Favre never said it to the public or the head coach. They started to play highlights and talk bad about him once again. Then Favre came out and said that he hasn’t decided yet and that he’ll play if his ankle can become healthy. Once again everyone freaked out and started dogging on him for no reason. He probably did text his team mates so the Vikings would freak out and throw more money at him, which is exactly what they’re doing. They just upped his contract a few more million in order to get him back. Brett Favre is a GENIUS. I fully expect him to be in purple and shredding secondaries for his twentieth season.